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Routing Software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, mapping software, and all major operating systems. Includes customer specific pricing and route optimization. More Information


The best delivery routing software provides so much more than route sales management, including inventory management and projection reports with a superior mobile solution.  More Information


Comprehensive training and support-for free. We hold your hand until your entire company is using your new route planning software effortlessly. More Information

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Features Included With The Routing Software and Delivery Route Planning Software

We recommend that you setup jobs in QuickBooks for each location that a customer may have. By creating jobs you will have the ability to route each location as well as know exactly how much money each location has generated and how much money each location may owe you. RouteStar also has all the necessary components to handle your fleet management including inventory, pre-kitting, machine analysis, plan-o-gram analysis.
Signature capture replaces paper forms with electronic forms and allows customers to sign them electronically via a writable device.  The result is a legally signed document that is automatically posted to QuickBooks, eliminating unnecessary scanning and contributing to a paperless business. You and your staff will spend less time managing and scanning paper documents, providing more time to focus on your business and customer satisfaction.
Customers can literally have unique pricing for every item that you sell.  This customer specific pricing will also flow over to your website for your customers to place orders online from their desktop or mobile device. If your company uses mobile devices such as iPhones/iPads or Androids then the customer specific pricing will be also available on route tickets, invoices and open work orders.
Our route management system makes it easy to manage customer routes and dispatch fleets and service techs. Drivers can map from where they are standing to their next route stop. You can easily access route data from both the Customer Detail screen and Route Info menu. View route information for that customer by day of week. View customer’s route schedule history If you use our PDA component you can track time arrived vs time departed vs Estimated time allowed for the stop. If you track chemical usage and use our PDA component you can see a history of usage for every time they visited that location.
RouteStar’s new mobile solution runs on any device with a browser! It works on iOS, Android, Windows Phones and laptops and MACs! With RouteStar you are able to capture signatures on Route Stops, tasks, invoices and quotes, take up to 3 pictures per route stop or task, record labor/timekeeping for drivers and techs for the day or for a task, email/print a task, invoice or route ticket in the field and much more.
The Customer Portal allows your customers to, see service history, request service and attach up to 3 pictures per request. The request will open an open task right in RouteStar, view route history, sign and approve any pending quotes, make a payment (ties into PayPal)and much more. There is even an online store that will display only their pricing. We can even private label the app with your company name and place it on all the app stores for your customers to download onto their smart phones and tablets.
,918Number of stops serviced
%Percentage Of Up Sells
,927Invoices Created
$,795,900Gross Sales
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Best Route Accounting Software That’s QuickBooks Compatible

quickbookslider1Our best route accounting software and route manager software seamlessly interfaces with QuickBooks, meaning any customers entered in QuickBooks will automatically appear in RouteStar. You can also enter customers in RouteStar, and they will sync to QuickBooks! If you receive a payment on a mobile device, it will post as a payment into QuickBooks under that account. We recommend that you setup jobs in QuickBooks for each location, as well as know exactly how much money each location has generated and how much money each location may owe you. You receive payments in QuickBooks. Any accounts receivable functions are handled in QuickBooks, as well as the normal accounting functions. This delivery route planner software is flexible enough to accommodate your needs for QuickBooks in small to medium sized businesses.

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Versatile Route Manager Software

route management softwareRouteStar Solutions route optimization software and route planning software and route manager software gives you the ability to create work orders on a recurring basis. This is great for say, filter changes or equipment services that you like to perform on a semi-annual or annual basis. You can also create recurring work orders on any frequency you like for whatever you want. RouteStar realizes that one of the keys to your success is providing great service. This route planning software has a cutting edge way of managing service calls that is unmatched in the industry. We also give your drivers an easy way to enter a task while onsite to your service department, instead of trying to remember at the end of the day. Also, our routing software gives you the ability to notify the customer via email upon completion of the service call.

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Free Route Optimization Software Support

SUPPORT2With our route planning software, we strive to deliver outstanding support. Technical Support is available thru realtime chat (right from within our software) as well as via email and by telephone. We make every attempt to respond within 1 hour by email, but many people are pleased to find that we respond within a few minutes. For calls by telephone, you rarely have to wait to speak with one of our Technical Support Engineers. If, for some reason, you have to leave a message a Technical Support Engineer will promptly return your call.

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