Our unique online order system will seamlessly tie into RouteStar when a customer places an order online.  If you already have a website designed no problem, we can simple add a link to your site to the online ordering system.The online ordering system can give your customers another way of placing an order with you.When a customer logs in they will see all the items they order as well as their average order quantities.You can also suggestive sell them on new or other products.  Best of all this all is Managed from The Service Program!
RouteStar recommends QuickBooks Merchant Services to process customer payments.  We know that there may be cheaper rates out there but the time saved on processing payments as well as balancing end of month statements makes it well worth it.  If you would like more information on how to get it setup please email us.
We realize that going paperless is kind of “the thing” to do but where software companies fall short is telling you how to do it to make it successful with little or no disruption to your customers.  We offer FREE classes on proven methods on how to make it work for you.  Companies that we have helped go paperless have seen savings as much as $30,000 per year!
RouteStar gives you the ability to create work orders on a recurring basis.  This is great for say filter changes or equipment services that you like to perform on a semi-annual or annual basis.  You can also create recurring work orders on any frequency you want for what ever you want.  Some customers create recurring work orders to simply remind them to check on their customers on a quarterly basis or even to QA a route.
RouteStar realizes that one of the keys to your success is providing great service.  Our cutting-edge way of managing service calls is unmatched in the industry.  We also give your drivers an easy way to enter a task while onsite to your service department instead of trying to remember at the end of the day!  Also, we give you the ability to notify the customer via email upon completion of the service call.
RouteStar will interrogate the new customers location and recommend which route and stop to place the customer on.  We make adding customers to routes a snap!
YES.  We currently support any iPhone, iPad, Droid phone, Droid Pad, Windows Mobile Professional or Classic Smartphone.  You may purchase the iPhone and Android apps through the app store.  You can also remotely sync these devices at no extra cost!  Click here to read more about handhelds.  Ask us how!
RouteStar works on any Windows Mobile.  It can also run on iPhone and Android devices.  You may purchase the iPhone and Android apps through the app store.  We don’t require that you spend thousands of dollars per driver.  Nor do we require that you buy your hardware through us!  If you currently own equipment and want to know if our software is compatible please email us the specifics on your hardware.
YES!  Customers have the ability to pay their balance online through QuickBooks services.  If you are unsure on how that works we would be happy to assist you in setting that up.
YES! You can email customers their invoices from QuickBooks or from RouteStar.  You can even email them a signed copy of their invoice.
YES!  RouteStar tracks all of your equipment whether you charge rent for the equipment or not.  You can bill on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  Best of all, the equipment will bill directly into QuickBooks!
RouteStar seamlessly interfaces with Microsoft Mappoint as well as MapQuest for location mapping and route/service call mapping.
YES!  There are 3 reasons why you may suspend a route stop.  1 may be if the customers account is past due and you want to get their attention.  2 may be because the customer is out of town or under construction,  3 may be if you close the account for the season.
YES!  RouteStar seamlessly interfaces with QuickBooks meaning any customers entered in QuickBooks will automatically appear in RouteStar.  You can also enter customers in RouteStar and they will seamlessly be added to QuickBooks realtime!
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You receive payments in QuickBooks.  Any accounts receivable functions are handled in QuickBooks as well as all the normal accounting functions.

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We recommend that you setup Jobs in QuickBooks for each location that a customer may have.  By creating jobs you will have the ability to route each location as well as know exactly how much money each location has generated and how much money each location may owe you.

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YES!  Each customer can literally have unique pricing for every item.  This customer specific pricing will also flow over to the website for your customers to place orders online.  If your company uses PDAs then the customer specific pricing will be available on route tickets, invoices and open work orders on the PDA.

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We encourage you to tell your customers about their capability to order online.  In any event when a customer calls, faxes or emails in an order you enter that order directly into The Service Program.  While entering the order you will see their average usage of an item as well as any items they may be forgetting.  You can also generate order sheets for your customers and email the order sheets to them to fill out.

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There are 2 ways to handle pre-calling your customers:  You can create a route for the office person responsible for pre-calling customers or you can create a recurring order task to remind that office person to call the customer.  An email can also be generated reminding the customer that their order is due.

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Stephen Marx,
Coffee PerksFebruary 21, 2014

"We have been looking for a program that can manage our deliveries and work with our QuickBooks for some time now. We were up and running within the first week. We like how it tracks our customer pricing and how easy it was it integrate.

Andy Fiske,
Clearview WaterFebruary 6, 2014

"RouteStar is great for my bottled water company. I can track bottle pricing, deposits and credits. RouteStar makes my cooler billing simple and easy as well. Best of all it bills right into my QuickBooks!

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