Medical Waste Software

Our medical waste disposal software works on any internet enabled device, such as IOS, Android, Google, Windows phones & tablets, MAC/Windows laptops & PC's.

No need to purchase additional equipment.



As a medical waste disposal company, you want a complete routing and delivery software that is easy to use and upgrade, and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks™

Mobile Solution

Mobile Solution

Our medical waste disposal software works on any IOS or Android device that is internet ready. It also operates on Windows mobile phones or tablets.

QuickBooks Sync

QuickBooks Sync

Syncs, uninterrupted with your QuickBooks™ account, so invoices created on the desktop or in the field post directly into QuickBooks™. This goes for payments as well!

Features & Benefits

Medical Waste Disposal Service Software

Increase customer satisfaction and productivity by streamlining business processes with the leading route sales and delivery software that's QuickBooks™ compatible.

Process Digital Manifest

Process digital manifest with signature capture directly from the field. With the Customer Portal option, customers have the ability to reprint documents.

Mobile Solution

Generate Certificates of Destruction and medical waste tracking documents directly from the field. Our robust mobile solution works on all IOS and Android Devices and offers the option of a custom branded app for your customers to download. Capture payments in the field, add pictures, field printing using compatible printers or email receipt to client with signature capture.

Generate Medical Waste Tracking Documents In The Field

With custom fields and templates for lists, reports, work orders, invoices and more, RouteStar Solutions is flexible enough to fulfill the needs of almost any delivery or removal service business.

Optimized Routing

Setup/manage recurring routes and optimize using Google™ maps. Dramatically cut dispatching, planning time and reduce fuel costs by routing efficiently.

Seamlessly Integrates With QuickBooks™

Automatically import all your customer records from QuickBooks with one click! Manage coffee machine rentals and billing. Not only will you save time by not having to enter data twice, but you’ll also avoid costly data entry errors.

Customer Portal

Improve communications with your customers by providing self-service access to information and services 24/7, delivering an optimal user experience. Increase customer satisfaction and retention while decreasing the amount of time staff spends on customer service related tasks.


Mobile Solution

The Mobile Solution option allows your service department to be both paperless and efficient while in the field.

  • Route, signature capture, take pictures, email & print from the field
  • Paper or paperless invoices and/or delivery receipts
  • Seamless inventory tracking
  • Option to show customer pricing, PAR level, last date/amount & Average Delivery per item
  • Track equipment and services performed
  • Works on any iPhone and Androids using a browser
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Waste Disposal Software shown on mobile app
QuickBooks compatible software

QuickBooks™ Integration

RouteStar is the premier route management solution and fully integrates with QuickBooks™ Pro, Premiere, Enterprise & QuickBooks™ Online.

Data entered in the field syncs with QuickBooks™ data, eliminating the need to enter information twice, saving your company valuable time and provides efficient book keeping.

  • Invoices created in the field or in RouteStar post as actual invoices in QuickBooks™
  • Eliminates double entry
  • Precisely updates inventory
  • The ability to provide quotes from field or office
  • Bill customers directly from the field
  • Track hours worked and jobs completed
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software on mobile devices

Route Management

Optimize routes with integrated mapping. Print daily packets/load sheets based on usage and route schedule. Invoices can be "auto -generated" on the pc and display on mobile devices

  • Manage unlimited drivers/delivery staff
  • Control what the driver can access on their devices
  • Notify customers by email of any route changes
  • Group like stops together such as "recall", "fax orders", etc
  • Pre-call orders or orders entered in from the customer portal appear
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Customer Pricing

Each customer can be assigned unique pricing for every item. This specific pricing will also flow over the website for your customer to place orders online.

Track product trends, forecasting, moving averages and quantity available. Customers can select payment options, view invoices and payment history.

  • Manage customer specific pricing in RouteStar
  • Track usage by item
  • Simply manage item price adjustments
  • Supports QuickBooks™ custom price levels and groups
  • Track 30, 60, 90 overall average and last delivery date on a per item basis on desktop and mobile devices
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Customer Pricing on Desktop
Mobile Solution App on Tablet

Equipment Tracking

  • Use QR Codes to track unlimited equipment at customer locations
  • Create recurring PM's for equipment
  • Track repair history for equipment
  • Bill directly to QuickBooks™ (or track non-billed equipment)
  • Track purchase price, replacement value, etc
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Service Call Tracking

  • Optimal organizational tool
  • Create internal tasks for your staff
  • Manage outside vendor action items/to-do's
  • Invoice directly into QuickBooks™
  • Create/complete work orders on mobile
  • Signature capture
  • Take pictures of work performed
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Mobile Solution App on Tablet
Mobile Solution App on Tablet

Customer Portal & App

  • Works as a “bolt on” to your regular website
  • Highlight “Quick Order” items normally purchased, plus specials
  • Online store option for ordering items for multiple locations
  • Customers can select payment options, view invoices and payment history
  • We can brand a custom App with your logo
  • Build brand loyalty
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Mobile Solution App on Tablet


RouteStar works with popular scanners using a "tethered" Bluetooth CCD barcode scanner or handheld with a built-in scanner.

Several enterprise handhelds and new tablets offer built-in barcodes, for example ALG Rt7 and ET50/ET55.

  • Ideal for DSD and delivery businesses
  • Works well for stop verification
  • Scan items to place on an invoice
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Simple & Inexpensive Bar Code Scanning

Quickly add items to an invoice and improve inventory management workflow.

  • Ideal for DSD and delivery businesses
  • Works well for stop verification
  • Scan items to place on an invoice
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Mobile Solution App on Tablet

Free Route Optimization Software Support

With our route planning software, we strive to deliver outstanding support. Technical Support is available thru realtime chat (right from within our software) as well as via email and by telephone. We make every attempt to respond within 1 hour by email, but many people are pleased to find that we respond within a few minutes. For calls by telephone, you rarely have to wait to speak with one of our Technical Support Engineers. If, for some reason, you have to leave a message a Technical Support Engineer will promptly return your call.

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