Mobile Field Service

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Mobile Field Service Software And Fleet Management Software Works On All Mobile Devices

  • Signature Capture on Route Stops, tasks, invoices and quotes
  • Take up to 3 pictures per route stop or task
  • Record labor/timekeeping for multiple employees/crews for the day or for a task
  • Record a bill on a task
  • Email/print a task, invoice or route ticket in the field
  • Up to 60 custom fields (you define the name and order) per route ticket
  • Last 4 stop history for each custom field
  • On average it requires 1GB of storage for each of your techs per month depeneding on the size and quantity of the photos that they take
  • And much more!

We now have timekeeping in RouteStar Solutions mobile app! Using our new mobile solution your employees and subcontractors can log time on open tasks or just for the day. These times will be posted right into QuickBooks and if billable, be associated with a customer!

Capabilities of mobile field service software

The Mobile Solution software add-on runs on cross-platform mobile devices with an internet connection

  • IOS (iPhone iPad), DROID (phones or tablets), Blackberry or Windows phones, MAC or PC Laptop with an internet connection
  • There is no App to download

View Customer Detail and history (based on security)
Contact information, equipment, routes, phone, gate codes, address and more
Turn by turn directions to service location from where technician is standing

Create and complete Tasks (Work Orders- billable and non-billable)

  • When completed, if billable, goes to queue ready to review and post in QuickBooks invoices
  • View Task Questions and Answers
  • View and complete Check Lists (customized)
  • View Equipment associated for the Tasks
  • Add Pictures
  • Signature Capture

Signature Capture and Add Pictures

  • On Tasks/ Work Orders, Invoices and Route Tickets

View and complete Maintenance Routes Schedule

  • Enter Arrival and Departure Time
  • Notes per customer Stop
  • Add Pictures
  • Signature Capture

Generate invoices and e-mail to customer

  • Dynamically Add line items and search your Inventory
    Item List is searchable by item name and description simultaneously
  • Load customer preferred pricing
    Every customer can have unique price for everything you provide
  • Ability to modify description on an item
  • Shows Totals including Tax line
  • Signature Capture
  • Add Pictures

Email or Field Printing with compatible printers mobile printing

  • We are constantly using advances in technology with compatible thermal mobile printers.
  • ou can email customer completed invoices/manifests and shows up on your MyCustomerConnect service portal and company branded App.

Generate Quotes to Customers or Prospects (Leads)

  • Add Pictures, send .pdf
  • Employee Locator viewable from link in the software
  • GPS location, time stamp
  • Shows on Map with LAT/LONG push pins (color coded and initialed) for each field user’s device
  • Provides report of Field user’s status, enter in route, at site, Start and Stop times
  • Report shows transaction type (route stop, invoice creation, work order completion)

Time Keeping – if you are using QuickBooks time sheets

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Inexpensive And Easy Bar Code Scanninginexpensive bar code scanning

  • Quickly add items to an invoice

  • Improve inventory management

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