Tracking Equipment With QR Codes

By RouteStar Solutions

RouteStar Solutions allows a business to affix a weather proof QR Code to equipment and products, that allows them to geo-reference the location of their equipment, view customer information, view service history, instantly create a quote, and capture a customer signature. The software also allows a businesses customer to scan the QR Code to request service for the equipment, and review payment history.

Feature And Benefits

  • Made of Waterproof/weather proof material for long lasting adhesiveness
  • Attach labels to customer equipment
  • Attach labels to Rental Equipment
  • Attach label to a customer for stop verification
  • Geo-reference where all your equipment is located
  • Tech can see service history on the Equipment
  • Customers can scan and open a task for that equipment
  • Scan QR Code and pull up customer information (if you have credentials)
  • Labels as low as .48 per label!
  • Tech Portion requires Mobile Solution